To whom it may concern,

Please allow an introduction. My name is Robert K. Pitts, and I currently reside in Bogota, Colombia. I am part of an online marketing team at, Martino and Binzer responsible for keeping the teams data-processing needs, up to date, so as to be able to produce the most effective, online marketing campaigns for company clients. Now in Bogota, I also teach private classes for students and businesses. I hold a B.A. in International studies from the University of Washington/ Jackson School of International Affairs, Seattle, WA. I have also earned two International teaching certificates: a TEFL (60 hours) and online TESOL(100 hours). In the past in Colombia, I have taught: English, Computer Science, and coached Baseball and Basketball teams at, Colegio Gran Bretana. I also substituted at Gimnasio Del Norte for ICT and for English Literature at Gimnasio Fontana.

I would love to become part your community, as to contribute to the local culture and interact with students. I always enjoy my rapport with the students and miss the energy of a dynamic classroom.   I have perennial knowledge and world experience to pass on and I am keenly interested to continue my learning journey. My IB acumen is that of a layman, but the IB philosophy and attributes are ones I highly value. For future professional development, I would like to earn an IB certificate in teaching and learning or other relevant credential.

Having lived and taught in Colombia from 2007-2014 and Asian countries, e.g. Japan and Korea, has helped me to understand the universality of the IB attributes. This worldwide experience, contributes to my being a more effective international minded instructor and communicator. My extensive and eclectic international experiences and challenges have instilled in me, the ability to respond critically and resourcefully to real-life challenges.

I look forward to becoming a member of your team and contributing my experience to your growth and success. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,

    Robert K. Pitts
    Skype: p.trader69
     (57) 304-364-1975

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