Final Projects: Gimnasio Fontana, 2011

Gimnasio Fontana-Trimester 3
Subject: English 9-B Final Project
Teacher: Robert – robertkpitts@gmail.com

                                         Life of Pi-Online Photo Essay Final Project
Task: Student will use a web page design or blog from: wix.com, Blogger or other to create an online Photo essay which will: explain, connect and relate the book, Life of Pi to their lives and personal experiences. A hard copy of this web page will be requested at times and will be graded as homework. The final presentation of this online photo essay will take place in front of other students and teachers.
Sources used:
  • Online research with the World Wide Web, www
  • Personal Photos
  • Book, Life of Pi by Yann Martel   
This project will be presented on a Web page or Blog. Memory sticks, CDs or Power Point Presentations will NOT be accepted. This project will ONLY be presented on a student Web page or Blog. Remember students to: Always note the source (Book or Webpage) from which your, Image, Photo, Symbol, Character, City or Vocabulary is from and relates to, otherwise you are plagiarizing!
  1. IMAGES-Student will choose 8 Images from the Internet and will draw 7. You will explain each image and how it relates to the book, Life of Pi. For example: This tiger is a character in the book, Life of pi. Page source: www.life of pi.com
Always note the source (Book or Webpage) from which your, Image, Photo, Symbol, Character, City or Vocabulary is from and relates to, otherwise you are plagiarizing!
  1. PHOTOS- Student will take a minimum of 10 Photos. The student will take a photo and show and explain the relevance between this photo and the book. Students must cite the page in their book which their photo refers to.

3-SYMBOLS- Student will find 10 Symbols which represent and or symbolize something e.g. a religion, idea or character from the book or their lives- analyze, describe, connect and relate. For example: http://www.enotes.com/life-pi/q-and-a/what-some-examples-symbolism-life-pi-3701

A link to Symbols: http://www.radioliberty.com/Symbolsandtheirmeaning.html

4-CHARACTERS- Student will choose 5 characters from, Life of Pi, and describe who your characters are and why they are important to the story i.e. what is their significance, symbolism or role in the book. Illustrate these characters with: photos, pictures and descriptive writing.
This Dorado fish is a main character in Life of Pi-Why you ask? The main character and Richard Parker EAT a lot of these fish during their voyage on the High- Seas of adventure-this fish saves the lives of the characters in the book, Life o Pi!
Page Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahi-mahi

5- CITIES- What cities are mentioned in the book? What languages are spoken in these cities? What is the prevalent religion in this city? Student will cite a minimum of 3 cities.

6-VOCABULARY - Student will find 20 new vocabulary words from the book. Student will:
1-Write these words in their original sentence, 2-Give the dictionary definition and part of speech i.e. noun verb etc. 3- Write a new sentence which shows their comprehension of the new vocabulary word.

ESSAY QUESTION – Student will respond to 2 out of 3 essay questions at the back of the book, Life of Pi.

# 14( Anthropomorphism)

# 21( Zoos )

# 23 (Happiness)

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                                                            Have fun and learn!


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