Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Why IB...?

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reflective, balanced, risk takers who are also: caring, communicative, principled, thinkers, while being an open minded, inquirer-wow that is quite a mouthful!!!
Why IB, again? yes again?!

You know, humans evolved to our station in life by being, judgmental and discriminating about: people, food, environments and well, just about everything!
Question is ?

So how can I possess all these IB attributes and still evolve as God wishes me to and as I need to?

"The tree which does not produce is cut down and thrown into the fire". Matthew 7:19

,,, mmm hows that famous Texan saying go?

... all hat and too many cattle or too many hats and not enough horses...

fables are fine, tables can be tipsy and stables are for ??? ...

something like that!

What is Education for you? How do you define education for your child?

How to make money.
To teach my child to be ready for a world which is constantly evolving, e.g. " the only constant is change."
How to throw a baseball fast, make money and have options.
How to think?
How to be brainwashed into an internationally recognized system.(?)

Does it depend on how much money you have in the bank or is it more complicated, just as simple as that?

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